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Business Intelligence refers to the product and process of combining and analyzing significant amounts of data from multiple disparate sources and extracting meaningful and actionable insight such as trends, probabilities and forecasts.


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Our Business Intelligence Services range from developing BI strategy through:

  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Custom Reporting



Data Warehouse Design

  • Define a warehouse strategy that fits your reporting and archival needs
  • Define and build a custom ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) strategy
  • Define system architecture and plan for capacity expectations
  • Define and implement backup and recovery stategies for your warehouse
  • Optimize and tune your ware house based on usage patterns and data structure

Data Analysis

  • Use forecasting and econometric tools to more accurately predict behavior and events
  • Descriptive modeling, predictive modeling and optimization techniques to predict best, worst or most likely outcome
  • Risk Analysis and Management to identify and monitor risk factors to predict the impact (degree of success or failure) on a business process or customer program
  • Web based Analytics to facilitate online decision-making
  • Data Mining in muiltiple viewpoints from top down to case level
  • Trend Analysis to analyze time series data and predict events
  • Evaluate loss mitigation strategies and enables "what-if" analyses for individual risks or entire portfolios

Custom Reporting

  • Reporting needs assessments, tool selection, and strategy development
  • Report definitions and specifications
  • Report writing against transactional databases, datamarts, datawarehouses, or other data sources
  • Reporting capabilities via the Internet
  • Datamart/Datawarehouse solutions development and implementation
  • Executive Information System (EIS) or Dashboards to meet real-time or near real-time data monitoring needs. Enterprise Reporting




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