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The professionals at PERCON COMPUTER have installed systems at hundreds of client sites, using a wide range of applications.  We design a solution uniquely suited to each client's business environment.

All of these systems bear the marks of PERCON COMPUTER:

                On Time
                    On Budget

PERCON Turns Market Challenges into Competitive Advantages

Challenge: How to efficiently deliver services to the public with reduced staff and budget.

Solution: Percon provides cost-effective solutions that improve the dissemination of information, support business processes and maximize productivity.     

Challenge: How to compete in an industry where products and services have become commodities.

Solution: Percon designs web-based applications that allow you to offer superior customer service, providing you with a clear competitive advantage.  

Challenge: How to meet customer demand for immediate access to services and funds, anywhere and anytime.

Solution: Percon develops "next generation" banking solutions that deliver fast, reliable, secure  24x7 information services to your customers' desktops at work or at home.

Challenge: How to speed delivery of products and improve customer service.

Solution: Percon implements solutions that link suppliers with distributors and customers, decrease delivery costs, accelerate delivery time and enhance service.

Challenge: How to cope with a decrease in Federal payments and an increase in both Federal reporting requirements and  service costs.

Solution: Percon integrates EDI, Internet and point-of-care wireless technologies to provide IT solutions that promote operating efficiencies and cost savings while maintaining quality healthcare and a competitive advantage.

Challenge: How to combat rising operating costs and smaller profit margins.

Solution: Percon has implemented ERP and e-Commerce solutions to reduce operating costs,  manage order processing and consolidate plants and supply chain management.  

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